Monday, December 17, 2007

The December Series- Photos, with Some Reflections from the Snowbank

The 160 Workshop Series II has come and gone with the snow squalls. Thank you everyone for braving the record snowfall, a blizzard the size of which has not been seen in at least 10 years. The sight of so many bundled up people trudging (and skiing!) through the snow and wind outside our windows to our doorstep warmed our hearts and our spirits. Thank you to Elizabeth B., Brad, Amber, Kelly, Eliza (and of course Beth!) for leading the workshops, and to all the eager participants.

We're planning our next edition for February, so stay tuned, we'll update our blog periodically.

Old-school sewing

Colourful Crafts

Magnets Speak the Truth

Crochet with the Stars

Assemblages, thereabouts.

Abstract feels good.

Energy Savings

Signing Out

For more photos from the December and October series, click here.

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