Thursday, January 31, 2008

160 Workshop Series III

Ill Communication- February 24th

160 Workshop Series- Ill Communication
Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Take your pick of A-C for the 130pm-3pm timeslot.

A) Video for Virgins: Start Out Shooting PART 1/2

This workshop will teach you to videotape and edit a short segment on any topic, from spoof ad, to mini-dramatic moment, to reportage, to poetic collage, to music video, to how to capture those special "moments" with friends and family...whatever you can dream up and execute in 1.5 hours!

In Part I, you'll learn a) the basics of framing and composition, using natural light, b) how to use a mic to improve audio quality, and c) the basics to get a good picture. Your own video camera welcome, but not required.

Ron Evans, who will be leading Part I, has been dabbling in film and video since the mid 1960's starting with Super8 film and progressing through VHS, Hi8, DV and now HDV. His main hobby is shooting archive video with several cameras for local theatre and dance groups. Now retired from his 9-5 job, he has been finding time to make a splash on the Ottawa video scene.

Cathy Edwards, who was instrumental in coming up with the Video for Virgins workshop, has been making fiction and non-fiction films and videos since 1988. She has won regional and national awards, including best news magazine on cable TV in Canada. She's currently working on a six-part documentary series for Canadian Learning TV, Access, and PBS about community TV around the world. You can find her on the web at:

B) Cutting and Pasting Just Got Fun: Intro to Photoshop

This workshop will introduce participants to many of the basic tools available to edit your photos in Photoshop and create creative digital artworks. Learn how to balance colours, patch up problem backgrounds or foregrounds, add entirely new layers to your photos and cut and paste like you never imagined. This can be useful for those who want to spice up posters, flyers or art projects more generally.

Jenn Farr is an Ottawa-based artist and event-organizer extraordinaire. In her spare time, she also works for a leading international human rights organization and spends copious amounts of time with those she loves.

C) Fill in the Blanks: Blogs 101
7 Spots Left...

This workshop will introduce participants to the basics in designing and maintaining a blog. By the end of the workshop, participants will know how to set up a blog, add photos, text and video, in addition to linking to other blogs/websites.

Darryl Leroux has been a blogger for a year. He believes that one day we'll live in a radically different world, one that feels much more than the one we currently inhabit. Lost in this dream, he talks to people he doesn't know (and many he does) about surfing, taxidermy and the cost of fresh fruit in 1603.

Take your Pick of A-C for the 3pm-430pm timeslot.

A) Video Virgins: Intro to editing PART 2 /2

This workshop will teach you to videotape and edit a short segment on any topic, from spoof ad, to mini-dramatic moment, to reportage, to poetic collage, to music video, to how to capture those special "moments" with friends and family...whatever you can dream up and execute in 3 hours!

In Part II, you'll learn to upload your shots to a laptop and edit them with Adobe Premiere. Your own laptop welcome but not required.

Carolyn Lecorre, who will be leading Part II, has been working as a video editor for the past four years, lending her skills to corporate, governmental and TV productions, including a youth series, Mon premier emploi (My First Job), which is currently playing on TFO. She has also worked at the University of Ottawa where she taught video editing to students taking Video I and Electronic Journalism courses. She studied audiovisual media in Stuttgart, Germany, at the Fachhochschule Stuttgart - Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) and has a Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto. She keeps learning everyday about her craft and aspires to direct her own documentary someday.

B) Talk With Your Hands: Intro to Sign Language
4 Spots Left...

This workshop will explore such things as basic alphabet and counting systems in American Sign Language (ASL). Participants will have ample opportunity to practice and move during the workshop in order to develop their abilities. By the end of it, participants will be able to ask simple questions and respond accordingly (and maybe add a few key swear words too!)

Alan Jeans is a professional actor, a director, playwright, musician and theatre teacher. He began learning sign language in his teens in order to converse with his deaf aunt, uncle, and cousins. Recently, he has been learning sign language on a more formal level at Canadian Hearing Society and Algonquin College where he has completed level 5 of 8 toward ASL certification.

c) How-to HTML (and a little CSS to make it interesting)
4 Spots Left...

This workshop will focus on easy HTML and CSS on a budget. You will be introduced to free tools (freeware and free software) and simple techniques that will get you coding on your own without investing in high-end design software. You will learn techniques for building your own stand-alone site and/or for marking up your contributions to message boards or social networking sites, and get a modest theoretical grounding in what is going on under the hood in more complicated Web design software. At the end of the workshop, you will have created a tiny Web page with your own content which conforms to modern standards.

In his circuitous path to becoming a health statistician, Eric Hortop learned about Web design as a young entrepreneur (starting back when blink tags were cool), and studied communications and digital and traditional print techniques (where he first met Beth S. in the late 1990's!) along with a fair bit of math at Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal. His media-building interests lean toward semantic coding, free software and nice readable fonts. He lives in Hull with singer-songwriter-pianist Elizabeth Bruce and his cat Noisette.