Monday, June 9, 2008

PLAY: Sunday 29 June

PLAY: 160 Workshop Series V
1-5 pm, Sunday 29 June
5$ Suggested Donation

One O'clock: "nice to see or meet you" over lemondade and popsicles

One Thirty: Session 1

PLAY with your words: Storytelling with the Ottawa Storytellers
"A story has to be learned before it can be shared." Donna will tell you a tale or two, and at least one story to take home and share. She will let you in on a couple of the finer details of storytelling, so you will be better equipped for all those late nights around the campfire or patio this summer. This will include some simple tips to discover how you can best learn a story, what makes a good story and how to craft an adventure into a story.

Donna Stewart is a storytelling elder who has told stories for over half a century. She has given workshops to children, teens, adults and seniors.

PLAY with your food: Fun foods for summer with Sweet Rhubarb

Cooking, eating, growing, sharing; Sweet Rhubarb loves food and everything about it. Let her show you the fun side of food, with playful ways of presenting, cool facts, and (as always!) tasty treats. Flowers you can eat, treasures in your cupcakes, magical microbes…It’ll be a rollicking good time in the kitchen.

Sweet Rhubarb (aka Kelly Butler) has been feeding family and friends since she was a youngin’. When she isn’t preparing a feast for the ones she loves, she’s cooking up a storm for The Sweet Spot, her recently launched catering business.

PLAY with yourself: Erotic drawing with illustrator Sarah Mangle
Participants will have a chance to draw, and play with themes of sex...
We will be looking at, and drawing erotic images, talking about how drawing can turn us on, and learning a little history of erotic drawing. The group will discuss source material, places to submit erotic drawing to be published, self publishing, and postal sex. Whether you are a Pre-Raphaelite or someone who has no idea what that means, all abilities are welcome

Sarah Mangle's illustrations have appearded in Queersafe zine, the SENSE project manual, Lickety split 4, and 5. She also writes music (wet nose hero), and zines (squirrel grrl) and she is the co-host to Audio Smut, CKUT 90.3's show about sex. She lives in Montreal with Logan dog.

Three O'clock: Session 2

PLAY inside: Game-a-thon
We're not looking for scrabble here folks! Bring a game that is unique, and that people may have never played before. Maybe a family card game, or a hand-carved board from your last trip, just make sure you know how to play and that you can teach others. Several tables will be set up and people will take turns playing each game, and taking on new opponents.

PLAY outside: Group games in the park
Human Knot? Capture the flag? Sardines? Common – Surely you've got a game that no one knows? Bring the rules and equipment to your favorite group game/activity. Make sure it is easy to explain, and doesn't have too many rules. Participants can take turns showing the group their favorite game. Players and leaders needed.

PLAY with each other: 5-minute, flash-fact, skill-sharing-fun!
Do you know how to make a great paper airplane? Make a radish into a flower? Have a secret tip about how to hem pants? Know the best knot for tying a canoe to a car? Bring your best tips, ideas, skills and lessons on any topic, to share with the group. You've got 5 minutes, max.

Four thirty: Show and Tell. And more popsicles.